Camden LGBT Forum Public Meeting
The next Forum meeting will take place on Tuesday 3 July 2018, Committee Rm 2, Camden Town Hall, Judd Street from 6.00pm.

PRESS RELEASE 23 June 2018

Camden & Islington LGBT Forum – Business as usual following Somers Town fire

Camden & Islington LGBT Forum have issued a statement confirming it is ‘Business as usual’ following a serious fire which broke out in a neighbouring building on the evening of 22 June 2018.

London Fire Brigade attended the Somers Town Coffee House pub on Chalton Street, N1 (next to The Forum’s HQ) and the building was evacuated and a cordon imposed as they extinguished the blaze which broke out in the roof.

When it was safe to do so, Forum Chair Bettina Ratcliffe and staff were on the scene early on Saturday morning (23 June) issuing water to fire crews and premises staff and making toilet facilities available to those dealing with the clean up operation.

She said: “As a community based charity, we are very keen to do everything we can to support our neighbours, the pub, its staff and other businesses affected by the fire.

“Thankfully, no one was hurt – but this was a serious incident and pictures of the blazing building have been shared widely on social media.

“As part of our business resilience, we plan for events like this to make sure we can work off-site if necessary providing continuity for our service users.”

“We will continue to support the pub and its staff as they rebuild the business.”



Camden LGBT Forum Thank Phoenix Artist Club for ‘Amazing Generosity’

Camden LGBT Forum has thanked Phoenix Artist Club for raising £1140 during a charity fundraiser on Sunday 13 May which saw over 20 acts donate their talents for free.
A packed crowd were wowed by West End singers and dancers who performed for ‘A Night in Soho’ at the club which ‘entertains the entertainers’.
Camden LGBT Forum will use the money to pay for their stall at Pride in Trafalgar Square on 7 July.

Camden LGBT Forum Chair, Bettina Ratcliffe said:
“Thanks to the amazing generosity of Ken and Colin at Phoenix Artist Club – and a slew of talented performers giving their time for free – we are able to fund our presence at Pride London this year.
“Every pound raised helps someone in our community in trouble or at risk of violence or discrimination”.
“We are a small charity which supports the victims of hate crime and works with the police and other institutions to ensure social injustices are challenged through the legal system and to make the LGBT Community safer every day.
“The LGBT Community is synonymous with London’s Arts Scene – as anyone who has attended Camden’s LGBT History Month will tell you. We’ve had a long and wonderfully positive relationship with Phoenix Artist Club through their hosting of the Incite Poetry Readings.”
“We wish them the very best for their 30th anniversary entertaining the entertainers, this year.”

Ken Wright co-owner of Phoenix Artist Club said:

“As the most south westerly outpost of Camden – cross any road and you’re in Westminster! – we are delighted to continue our support for this fabulous local organisation. I’m delighted we were able to host this event and would wish to recognise and thank the wonderful performers who freely gave their time and talent on the night.
We wish LGBT Camden Forum all the best and hope their stand at Pride looks fabulous!“



Camden & Islington LGBT Forum is one of the leading charities supporting the victims of Hate Crime in the UK  Or call: 020 7388 5720

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