Fernanda Milan is a young, Guatemalan transgender woman and activist.  She is currently fearing attack and torture, because she is due to be deported from Denmark to Guatemala, on 17 September 2012.

Guatemala has an appalling human rights record with respect to its treatment of transgender women and gay men.  This includes being gunned down in the street, excessive police surveillance, and countless threats and attacks.  Fernanda states that she has already been attacked by the police in Guatemala, where according to the trans activist Johana Ramirez, the average life expectancy of trans people is twenty-five.

As a refugee, she has already been failed by the Denmark authorities, who placed her in a male wing at Centre Sandholm – a Danish refugee camp – where she was abused and gang-raped, and then trafficked to a brothel.  She has since been offered help from Reden International, an anti-trafficking organisation, and all she is looking for now, is “a safe space in which to develop as a human rights activist and as a human being”.  According to ILGA Europe, “Denmark’s asylum law does not recognize sexual orientation as a particular social group eligible for refugee status. However Denmark will grant a residence permit to an LGBT applicant who faces death or torture (including inhuman and degrading treatment) if returned to their home country”.  So it would seem that Fernanda Milan does in fact qualify for asylum.

You can help her by signing this petition.

A protest against her deportation has been organised for Monday 10 September 2012 at 5.30pm,  outside the Danish Embassy in London.  Please join the Facebook campaign.


Protest to Save Fernanda Milan – Monday 10 September 2012

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