Council homes for life?

Equality Impact Assessment consultation
Tuesday 23rd October | 6.00-7.00pm | 54 Chalton Street NW1 1HS

The Localism Act 2011 has changed the law to give social landlords the option to offer fixed term tenancies to new tenants if they choose.

The Act has also changed the law on succession for new tenancies. The new law says that only spouses, civil partners and couples living together can inherit a tenancy. But the law also says that councils can have their own policy to allow other people to inherit.

The purpose of this consultation is to find out the views of groups representing people with different protected characteristics as defined by the Single Equalities Act. The findings will contribute to Camden’s Equalities Impact Assessment and influence the borough tenancy strategy.

Camden LGBT Forum are hosting a consultation for LGBT people in the London Borough of Camden and will look at your opinions, however big or small, however basic or complex, about these changes.

You may believe fixed term tenancies offer greater flexibility of support to LGBT people in Camden or you may feel it will damage some LGBT peoples life chances if the stability is removed. Perhaps you agree with stricter rules on succession – perhaps you prefer the old system. This consultation provides you with a chance to air your views on how the changes will affect LGBT people in Camden and our advancement of equalities.

This consultation will be held on Tuesday 23rd October from 6.00-7.00pm at 54 Chalton Street NW1 1HS. If you would like to participate in the consultation, please contact Tessa on 0207 388 5720 or email:

Are Council homes for life?

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