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There may be a rather large back catalogue of films about sexual coming of age and melodramas about blindness but THE WAY HE LOOKS reveals itself as a new Brazilian film with something special to offer.

Leo is a totally blind high school age teenager who is the centre of the film which is entirely viewed from his outlook on life. Acted by Ghilherme Lobo with enough conviction as to be ambiguous that the actor may or may not be blind himself, THE WAY HE LOOKS is directed by Daniel Ribiero from the source of a short film I DONT WANT TO GO BACK ALONE made in 2010. It has touches of mood that are strong enough to evoke the sensory space of blindness which mark it an inspiring and exceptional film.

Ribeiro sensitively accentuates intense  attention to details such as hands using keys to open gates and sounds that signal the closing of doors  which are linked to a refreshing sense that little else about his everyday life is any different to others around him. With hints of homophobic bullying at school, exploring the limits of female friendship and family tension from an over protective mother the film gradually focuses on the discovery of his sexual identity with best friend Daniel. Although there may be other films about  young men learning to cope with  life , it is a measure of Ribeiro’s direction and Lobo’s performance that  perceptive viewers  care enough to  question  what sort of gay men both  Leo  and Daniel will become as they  begin the next journey into adulthood.

The intended audience for THE WAY HE LOOKS   may well be the generation of BELLE AND SEBASTIAN as used on the films soundtrack with particular reference to the ballad There’s  too much love with which the film links  the indie musicians post Smiths adolescent angst . In its own quiet way THE WAY HE LOOKS, like STRANGER BY THE LAKE is another film taking gay cinema into  a far wider mainstream audience.

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The Way He Looks is out on the 24th of October 2014 at Cinemas up and down the UK – check out this link for your local showing –,350

Release Date:
24th October 2014
Daniel Ribeiro 
Cert: 15 TBC
Tess Amorim, Fabio Audi, Ghilherme Lobo 
Language: Portugese (with English Subtitles) 

Member review of new Peccadillo release – The Way He Looks

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