As part of a wider campaign to support the Black Cap and stop its owners turning the historic venue into flats, Camden LGBT Forum put in a nomination to make the Black Cap an Asset of Community Value under the powers given to Camden Council in the Localism Act 2011. We are pleased to announce that the nomination has been successful.

The status was granted due to the Black Cap’s vast cultural heritage, its use as a community venue and because of its importance to the local community. This success follows Camden Council’s recent decision at its Development Control Committee to turn down the owner’s proposal to change the use of the space and create residential units in place of the upstairs bar. On the day of the decision we heard three exceptional accounts of the important role the Cap has played in our lives from Ben Walters, Colin Leadbeatter and Terrence Bevington. We heard an excellent speech from the Leader of the Council, Sarah Hayward, and heard local ward Councillor Pat Callaghan read a statement on behalf of Camden LGBT Forum.

Nigel Harris, Director of Camden LGBT Forum said “We nominated The Black Cap for ACV status not simply because it is a great place to eat, drink and hear great Cabaret. We nominated because it ensures our local residents have a safe space to go and meet other LGBT people. Because it holds great memories for our older members who have been visiting for decades. Because it provides a space for LGBT groups and outreach. Because it puts Camden on the map with its grand history of top talent and support for equal rights. Thanks to the efforts of numerous individuals we can hold great hope that the venue will continue for decades more. But let’s remember that the best thing we can do to support our local venues is to use them – so I hope to see you down at the Black Cap in the not too distant future!”

The Forum will keep you updated on what happens next. We hope this is the end of the owner’s plans to close down the venue but  await their next move. The Black Cap is a wonderful place to go, it is run by friendly and professional staff and welcomes your custom every day of the week.

Asset of Community Value status is given to venues that hold important places in the activities, memories and social value of the local community. Should the owners decide to sell, it gives the local community a greater voice in the proceedings. To see the reasons for the decision and what it means in technical terms please see attached letter below.

Black Cap decision letter to nominator 8 April 2015



Black Cap gets Community Asset Status!

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