So some people hate pdfs. We get it. That’s totally cool. Pdfs can be annoying. So, we’ve  listened and have pasted in the text of this month’s History Month programme — in its entirety!  Take a look below but don’t expect anything beautiful. Just all the info on each and every wonderful LGBT event going on right now across our two boroughs.  However, you can still download the pdf here if that’s your thing: Camden & Islington LGBT History Month 2016 Brochure.

Welcome to Camden & Islington LGBT History Month 2016
Our 10th contribution focuses on Religion, Belief and Philosophy. But the schedule of events will be as diverse as those attending.
We want to dispel some of the myths around faith within the LGBT community and bring those of faith and no-faith together with all sexualities and gender identities. We won’t shy away from highlighting the barriers and problems between certain elements of religion and identity. Neither will we hesitate to show off the kindred spirits in traditionally disparate communities. Belief is not restricted to people of faith. The programme is packed with events on humanism, spirituality and philosophy.
The intersections between faith, sexuality and gender identity is nothing new. But its past is hidden. The month will illuminate this fact through artefacts, literature, music and film. We hope that you will use this month to meet someone new and start a conversation. And don’t forget to let your hair down with our entertainment and grab yourself a ticket to our closing night gala ‘One Night in Heaven’.
Nigel Harris
Camden LGBT Forum
Events throughout February
Sunday 1st February – Saturday 28th February
Camden Libraries
A selection of must read LGBT books on display.
Venue: Swiss Cottage and Kentish Town Libraries
Monday 1st February – Sunday 28th February
9.30am – 5.00pm all week and to 8.00pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
Word Up!
A large book promotion of LGBT titles covering all aspects of LGBT experiences and with a focus on young people. The books have been provided by Gays the Word – one of the country’s premier LGBT bookshop!
Venue: Islington Central Library
Monday 1st February – Sunday 28th February
10.00am – 6.00pm Tuesday – Sunday and 10.00am – 10.00pm on Thursday Closed Monday
Tibet’s Secret Temple: Body, mind and meditation in Tantric Buddhism
Tibet’s Secret Temple explores Tibetan Buddhist yogic and meditational practice and their connections to physical and mental wellbeing.
Inspired by an exquisite series of 17th century murals from a private meditation chamber for Tibet’s Dalai Lamas in Lhasa’s Lukhang Temple, the exhibition features over 120 objects including scroll paintings, statues, manuscripts, archival and contemporary film, together with a wide range of ethnographic and ritual artefacts.
Venue: Wellcome Collection
Tuesday 2nd February – Saturday 13th February
Tuesday – Saturday 7.30pm Thursday & Saturday Matinees 3.00pm
4000 Days Directed by Matt Aston
Cast: Alistair McGowan, Maggie Ollerenshaw and Daniel Weyman
Michael has been in a coma for three weeks. On waking, he realises that four thousand days of his memory have been completely erased. He remembers nothing of Paul, his partner. Paul must fight to bring Michael’s memory back, while Michael’s mother, Carol, fights to remove him from their lives completely.
Book online at
Venue: Park Theatre
Thursday 4th February – Sunday 16th October 2016
10.00am – 6.00pm Tuesday – Sunday and 10.00am – 10.00pm on Thursday Closed Monday
States of Mind: Tracing the edges of consciousness
This changing exhibition will examine perspectives from artists, psychologists, philosophers and neuroscientists to interrogate our understanding of the conscious experience. Exploring phenomena such as somnambulism, mesmerism, and disorders of memory and consciousness, the exhibition will examine ideas around the nature of consciousness, and in particular what can happen when our typical conscious experience is interrupted, damaged or undermined.
Venue: Wellcome Collection
Friday 5th February – Saturday 27th February
Thursday – Saturday 9.50pm, Sunday 5.00pm, Monday 8.30pm
5 Guys Chillin’
A graphic, gripping, funny and frank verbatim drama exposing the gay Chill-Out scene. From surgeons to students, couples to kink; guys that love it and lost guys longing to be loved. An original look into a drug-fuelled, hedonistic, highly secret world of Chem-Sex, Grindr and instant gratification. Taken from over 50 hours of interviews this is an important look at changing attitudes to sex, relationships, dating, HIV and to our perception of sexual relations.
Age 16 years and older Ticketed, prices £15-£18
Venue: Kings Head Theatre
Friday 5th February – Saturday 5th March
10.00am – 5.00pm Monday – Saturday
Closed Wednesday & Sunday
Twilight People: Stories of Faith & Gender Beyond the Binary – Exhibition & Events
A pioneering diversity project exploring the ‘hidden history’ of transgender and gender nonconforming people of faith – the Twilight People exhibition captures the voices and images of trans people and interprets them in a heritage context.
For the first time in the UK, the project allows us to intimately explore both the oral history and portraiture of the unheard voice across the faith communities.
Find out more and check out our ‘secret’ schedule of events:
Venue: Islington museum
Monday 8th February – Thursday 14th April
9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday
2016 Loudest Whispers Art Exhibition
The 7th Loudest Whispers mixed media exhibition of LGBT art works. 36 artists from professional to self-taught outsider art backgrounds present work linked to both an open category or themed on the subject of faith, spirituality, religion and philosophy.
The exhibition presents developments with established artists including Bev Meyers, Dorian Aroyo and Edward Mendelsohn as well as new artists including, C.J Crosland, Monika Marion and Maria Lustiano. The entrance alcove offers “Temple “ the latest conceptual installation by Simon Croft.
Venue: Conference Centre, St Pancras Hospital
Thursday 11th February – Sunday 17th April
10.00am – 5.00pm (Fridays 10.00am – 2.00pm)
Through a Queer Lens: Portraits of LGBTQ Jews
Through a Queer Lens is the first comprehensive series of photographic portraits of Jewish LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer) people.
The twenty portraits, by fine art photographer Ajamu, feature well-known faces including Yotam Ottolenghi and Rabbi Lionel Blue as well as leading artists, activists and entrepreneurs.
The exhibition celebrates the diversity of Jewish and LGBTQ people living in the UK.
Venue: Jewish Museum London
Tuesday 23rd February – Saturday 19th March
7.45pm Tuesday – Saturday
3.15pm Thursday & Saturday Matinees
Hello Norma Jeane
Directed by Matthew Gould, Starring Vicki Michelle.
It’s 2003 and Essex grandmother Lynnie has escaped her nursing home and fled 5000 miles across the Atlantic to Hollywood, where she plans to reveal to the world her deepest secret – that she is Marilyn Monroe, alive and well after faking her death decades before.
Her gay grandson Joe turns up to take her home and finds himself embroiled in his grandmother’s scheme, questioning his sanity as he wonders whether he really can be the grandson of Marilyn Monroe.
But is Lynnie really Marilyn? There’s only one way the truth will be revealed in this funny drama that is full of surprises.
Tickets available – please book online at
Venue: Park Theatre
Every Thursday night during February at CRI 184:
Thursday 4th February
Arrive 5.45pm for 6.00pm – 9.00pm
Documenting Gender – Western culture has come to view gender binary, with two rigidly fixed options: male or female. When a child is born, a quick glance between the legs determines the gender label that the child will carry for life. But even if gender is restricted to basic biology, a binary concept still fails to capture the rich variation that exists. Join us for a documentary night with discussion.
Venue: 184 Royal College Street
Thursday 11th February
Arrive 5.45pm for 6.00pm – 9.00pm
Chemsex workshop – Everyone’s talking about it! An evening of talks/debate about chemsex, the drugs, the parties and the morning after…
Venue: 184 Royal College Street
Thursday 18th February
Arrive 5.45pm for 6.00pm – 9.00pm
LGBTQ Film night – Join us for an evening of light hearted entertainment, with a hilarious film that touches on gender identity. (Popcorn included!)
Venue: 184 Royal College Street
Thursday 25th February
Arrive 5.45pm for 6.00pm – 9.00pm
Understanding Gender – Join us for an evening of talks & presentations from people in the know! This evening promises to be informative & funny, focusing on dispelling the myths surrounding gender & all the terminology that goes with it as well as hearing from individuals telling their own personal story.
Wheelchair accessibility potentially limited – please call ahead to check 0207 485 2722
Venue: 184 Royal College Street
Every Sunday in February at Central Station:
There will be an exhibition of photos and press cuttings from the bar’s history from it’s opening in 1992 on display. The bar is one of London’s longest surviving independent gay venues and became home to many gay groups in the 90’s and has been proud to raise many thousands for a variety of AIDS and other charities and has hosted shows by many top performers, past and present over the years.
Although entrance will be free, the bar will be raising much-needed cash for the Central London Branch of the Samaritans, so any contributions will be VERY welcome!
Sunday 7 February – 8pm
Victoria Sponge hosts her CAKE ACADEMY night of mayhem where anything can – and usually does – happen! Tonight also features her special LGBT History Quiz. Come along and see how much you know!
Venue: Central Station
Sunday 14 February – 8.00pm
Bea Flatt presents PIANORAMA
Bea Flatt, a lady of the Empire has played before many of the Crowned Heads of Europe (lots of Queens!). She will musically accompany a special trawl across the ages. Where will it all end? Screen images from over 50 years will be shown, along with a lecture on how to bring back romance to the gay scene on this Valentine’s Day.
She will be aided & hampered by her legendary part-time musical director, Mr Martyn Niele
Venue: Central Station
Sunday 21 February – 8.00pm
“Potted History of Drag” – Ray Reynolds dips in and out of the past showing videos of Drag acts over many years from iconic venues such as The Black Cap and others. Expect to see many entertaining and sometimes hilarious memories of Regina Fong, Dockyard Doris and many others from the past.
Venue: Central Station
Sunday 28 February – 8.00pm
Victoria Sponge hosts her Spankety Spanks night of fun which will include a special LGBT History Quiz – come along and see how much you really know!
Venue: Central Station
Wednesday 3rd February
6.00pm – 7.30pm
LGBTQ History Club – Twilight People: Stories of Faith & Gender Beyond the Binary
Surat-Shaan Knan introduces the Twilight People project which has gathered images and oral histories of transgender and gender nonconforming people of faith.
Twilight People has an exhibition at Islington Museum which opens on 5 February.
Free Reserve your place: Londong Metropolitan Archives
Wednesday 3rd February
7.00pm – 9.00pm
London Irish LGBT Network: Poets, Priests, Druids and Beandraoíthe
The Cauldron, or in Christian terms, the Grail, is a central recurring motif in Celtic Mythology: the vessel is a symbol of the inexhaustible resources of the spirit, forever renewing itself, whether it be the hidden spirit that animates all matter, or, in psychological terms, an energy in the depths of the mind that, if developed, can free us from dependence on the body and the tyranny of historical fact. Introduced by His Excellency the Irish Ambassador and with poetry from Yeats to Heaney to Eaven Boland, together with poets Maureen Duffy and Cat Brogan and others, we will take on a mystical journey, forcing us, like those ancient Celtic faces carved in stone, to look backwards and forwards at the same time as we discover anew that between life and death there is no between.
Refreshments provided
Book at or on 020 7388 5720 FREE
Venue: London Irish Centre
Thursday 4th February
6.00pm – 8.00pm
Rent Boy to Escort Online 4 U
To mark 30 years of THT’s SWISH project since its origins as Streetwise Youth, Del Campbell will look at how male sex work has changed over that period.
The panel will discuss issues such as: Is it more acceptable to be a male escort now?
What would be the impact of criminalising their clients – a model favoured by many other countries?Should escorts living with HIV declare their status to their clients?
In a world where sexuality and gender are becoming less binary are terms like “gay for pay” now out-dated?
Venue: Terrence Higgins Trust, 314-320 Gray’s Inn Road
Thursday 4th February
6.00pm for 6.30pm start. Ends 8.00pm
Gender Identities in the Past and Present: Hatshepsut & Akhenaten
A discussion around gender identity focusing on depictions of the pharaohs, Hatshepshut and Akhenaten in the ancient world and, early twentieth-century attitudes to their allegedly ‘transgressive’ identities. We will also consider how these pharaohs might allow us to reflect on ideas about sexuality and gender identification in the present.
With the support of Wellcome Trust-funded project “Sexual Science Beyond the Medical” (University of Exeter) and TransLondon
Free – book via:
Venue: Petrie Museum
Thursday 4th February
Under the Udala Trees: Chinelo Okparanta in conversation with Anna James
Under the Udala Trees is a beautifully-written, heart-breaking and masterful novel which tells the story of Ijeoma from her war-torn childhood during the Biafran War in the 1960s through to marriage and motherhood including her experience of first love, her strained relationship with her mother, and the conflicts between her love and faith.
Free Book via Facebook:
Venue: Gay’s the Word Bookshop
Friday 5th February
5.30pm – 8.30pm
2016 Loudest Whispers Art Exhibition Preview Night
The 7th Loudest Whispers mixed media exhibition of LGBT art works. 36 artists from professional to self-taught outsider art back grounds present work linked to both an open category or themed on the subject of faith, spirituality, religion and philosophy.
The preview includes a catwalk show with a range of entertainers hosted by show biz superstar Mzz Kimberley and special guests Estelle Riviere Monstorlune and special guest the surrealist comedian clown and BBC3 favourite Mawaan Rizwan from How Gay Is Pakistan.
Free with donation for refreshments
Venue: The Conference Centre, St Pancras Hospital
Friday 5th February
5.30pm – 10.30pm
The National Festival of LGBT History 2016: Launch
This year Camden and Islington are privileged to be hosting the launch event of the London National LGBT History Festival. The Mayor of Islington will open the event and speakers include Peter Tatchell, Professor Jeffrey Weekes, Rikki Beadle Blair, Roz Kaveney, Angela Eagle, Stuart Milk and the Diversity Choir with Claire Mooney as your MC!
Free event but pre-booking required:
Venue: Chamber, Islington Town Hall
Saturday 6th February
Central Station’s 24th Birthday Party
With free Cava and canapés and FREE ENTRY from 9pm as well as the legendary Charlie Hide Show on stage at 11pm it, will be a fantastic night!
Venue: Central Station
Monday 8th February
An Evening with Nikki Sinclaire
Join Europes first openly trans Parliamentarian (MEP) for an evening of thought-provoking insight into her experiences traversing issues of gender, sexuality and politics. Nikki will take questions from the audience and lead us through a journey of the compromises that need to be made when a multi-state parliament with MEPs of all faiths, beliefs and identities draft the laws we live our lives by.
With happy hour from 5:00pm
Over 18s only. Free, just turn up!
Venue: Bloc Bar, Kentish Town Road
Tuesday 9th February
6.30pm – 8:00pm
Kate Bornstein in conversation with Paris Lees
American author, playwright, activist and performing artist Kate Bornstein is an unique and revolutionary voice in the ever-growing discussions around trans visibility, LGBTQ rights, non-binary identities and ‘gender outlaws’. In this live conversation, with journalist and transgender campaigner Paris Lees, Bornstein talks about her life, work and personal brand of politics.
Tickets available at
Full Price: £8.00, Senior 60+: £6.00, Student: £5.00, Registered Unemployed: £5.00, Friend of the BL: £5.00
Venue: Staff Restaurant, The British Library
Wednesday 10th February
6.00pm – 7.30pm followed by a drinks reception
Faith identity and life : A tale of two ages
Event organised by Opening Doors London, which supports older LGBT* communities, Out@UCL, the UCL LGBTQ+ Staff Network and the UCL LGBTQ Student Network
Revd. Bertrand Olivier, openly gay Vicar of All Hallows By The Tower, chairs a panel of LGBTQ+ members from Opening Doors London and students from UCL & KCL to share their experiences of faith, identity and life from a generational perspetive.
Free with tickets booked through Eventbrite
Venue: University College London, Bloomsbury Campus
Thursday 11th February
5.30pm – 7.30pm
Twilight at the Museum
A free after-dark event featuring a unique audio installation produced by Roundhouse Radio and SOAS Radio, exclusively available for the launch ‘one night only’.
The Twilight People: Stories of Faith and Gender Beyond the Binary touring exhibition launches for LGBT History Month 2016.
Find out more and check out our ‘hidden history’ schedule of events:
Venue: Islington Museum
Friday 12th February
6.30pm – 8.30pm
Love Throughout History
Come to the British Museum for an evening of performances, workshops and talks to celebrate LGBT History Month. Featuring object presentations by Gendered Intelligence and Camden LGBT Forum
Full programme available soon.
Free, just turn up!
Venue: British Museum
Monday 15th February
6.30pm – 8.30pm
My Darling Naz & Our Search For Sunrise
The Naz and Matt Foundation was set up to tackle homophobia triggered by religion and to help parents accept their children. In July 2014, after a 13 year relationship Matt’s fiancé, Naz, ended his life 2 days after his religious family confronted him about his sexuality. Matt will speak about his very personal story and explore the work of the Foundation. Those with or without faith are encouraged to attend this non-judgmental space to share, learn and connect.
Book at or on 020 7388 5720 FREE
Venue: Islington Town Hall
Monday 15th February
7,00pm to 9.30pm
Incite! Faith in Our Community
Part I
The best LGBT poetry night in the
West End!
Featuring Neil Bartlett:
Internationally Acclaimed Queer
Voice. Writer, Director, OBE &
National Treasure!
Rachel Nwokoro: Young, Fresh,
New Talent
Hosted by LGBT Poet Laureate, Trudy Howson.
Featured performances followed by open mic.
This event is free. Access is via stairs to basement.
Venue: Phoenix Artist Club
Monday 15th February
“Remember when…?”
Karaoke special hosted by
Chris Reardon where you
are invited to dress for the
period and the evening will
focus on Gay Anthems and
songs from the past. Sing
your heart out!
Venue: Central Station
Tuesday 16th February
2.00pm – 4.00pm
Life Drawing Class
Following a short introduction to Futurist artists ideas around gender and desire, experience drawing from life in our galleries with this class for LGBT History Month. Suitable for all levels of experience. Please bring A3 paper, 2B pencil and a drawing board.
£6 .00 Book in advance on 0207 704 9522 or
Age 16 years and older
Venue: 39a Canonbury Square
Thursday 18th February
6.30pm for 7.00pm start
Encountering Faiths and Beliefs: Personal experiences of sexuality, gender identity and faith/beliefs
Join us for a special Encountering Faiths and Beliefs workshop on the theme of personal experiences of sexuality, gender identity and faith / beliefs. This award-winning workshop will create a safe space for audiences to hear stories from speakers of different backgrounds, ask questions, and engage in an interfaith dialogue.
Please book your place via
This event is free. Donations towards costs are welcome. Refreshments will be provided.
Full accessibility information can be found on our website:
Venue: Star House
Thursday 18th February
6.00pm for 6.30pm start Ends 8.00pm
Petrie Film Club presents The Egyptian
(US, Michael Curtiz, 1954)
Based upon Mika Waltari’s novel, this glittering Hollywood epic relates the life of New Kingdom physician, Sinuhe (Edmund Purdom) as he encounters deceit, treachery, and lust within the court of Egypt’s heretical king, Akhenaten (Michael Wilding). introduction by Egyptologist John J Johnston.
Suggested donation £5. Book via
Venue: Petrie Museum
Wednesday 17th February
6.30pm – 8.30pm
A Spiritual History of the Queer Peoples of Planet Earth
Pioneers of Queer Spirituality from Walt Whitman to Elsa Gidlow are among the names of inspired queer visionaries every queer should know. Queer souls have often fulfilled spiritual roles in society – our gender bending ancestors amongst the tribal peoples of the world. The Radical Faeries are a modern tribe in which queers explore this inheritance, taking the story of gay liberation into the spiritual realms. Join us to explore these connections through presentation and guided technique.
FREE Book at or Call 020 7388 5720
Venue: Islington Town Hall
Thursday 18th February
6:30pm – 8:00pm
Of Men and Angels
Michael Arditti has been described by Philip Pullman as ‘Our best chronicler of the rewards and pitfalls of present day faith’ and by the Spectator as ‘a Graham Greene for our time’. He has written nine highly acclaimed novels, including The Celibate, Easter, Unity, The Enemy of the Good and The Breath of Night, and a collection of short stories. Several of his books explore the connection between spirituality and sexuality, in particular gay sexuality, and the conflict between liberalism and fundamentalism. Arditti will read from and discuss his work, including his work-in-progress, Of Men and Angels, an exploration of the myth of Sodom, from 6th century BC Babylon to 20th century New York.
FREE Book at or Call 020 7388 5720
Venue: Islington Town Hall
Friday 19th February
10.00pm – 3.00am
Club Kali: Spinning you Around the World in 80 Tunes..
With Bollywood glam and Bhangra beats expertly mixed by the legendary DJ Ritu & DJ Dilz.
Club Kali. Hot and Spicy Kali Party Nights for LGBTQ members.
£8 / £5 conc / Advance Guest List.
Age 18+ DC: Be who you are! Just add Sparkle!
Venue: The Dome, Tufnell Park
Saturday 20th February
1.00pm – 4.00pm
2016 Loudest Whispers Short Films And Meet The Artists
Come and meet the artists involved in the 7th Loudest Whispers art exhibition and enjoy related short films either made by artists or connected with the exhibition. Programme includes Masood Khan’s much discussed 2015 documentary How Gay Is Pakistan with Q and A
Free with donation for refreshments
Venue: The Conference Centre, St Pancras Hospital
Monday 22nd February
6:30pm – 8:00pm
‘Reading between the lines – same-sex sacredness and D.H.Lawrence’ A talk by Dr Bryce Morrison
D.H.Lawrence has been called ‘The High Priest of Love’, who sought to make sacred the relationship between men and women. I question this. I shall quote many instances and make clear his affections for same-sex love both personally and in society.
FREE Book at or Call 020 7388 5720
Venue: TBC
Tuesday 23rd February
6.30pm – 8.30pm
A Priest on Trial
This documentary film was made in 1992 and charts the savage attempt to silence the ministry of Fr. Bernárd Lynch.
As an openly gay priest in the Roman Catholic Church, Fr Lynch was given an ultimatum b the Vatican and falsely accused of paedophilia. Fr Lynch was subsequently exonerated by the court in New York and the trial exposed as a sham.This film is a vital testimony to the lengths to which some will go to silence a loving gay ministry. Fr Lynch will be present this evening to answer questions and there will be a discussion followed by refreshments.
FREE Book at or Call 020 7388 5720
Venue: Islington Town Hall
Wednesday 24th February
6.30pm – 8.30pm
The Humanism of Magnus Hirschfeld
Valerie Remy has dedicated much of her life to the history of the LGBT movement, particularly of Germany and its First Wave between the 1890’s and 1933. The UK’s leading Humanist venue, Conway Hall, will host her insights into how the life and work of German-Jewish sexologist, Magnus Hirschfeld (1868-1935), was inspired by the Classical Humanism of German intellectual culture, a feature since the Renaissance.
FREE Book at or Call 020 7388 5720
Venue: Conway Hall
Thursday 25th February
Ever felt like you don’t quite fit in? That you’re stuck between one place and another? Occupying the middle ground? Prevail is a new, physical theatre piece about coming to terms with who we are and finding the freedom to be in that grey space between gender and sexual identity.
“Fantastic movement and performances were beautifully connected.”
“The raw emotion is very powerful.”
£8.00 + £1.63 eventbrite booking fee
Age 12 years and up
Venue: Westminster Kingsway College
Thursday 25th February
6.00pm for 6.30pm start Ends 8.00pm
Objects of Desire 2016
Join Egyptologist John J Johnston for an evening of engaging conversation with artistes, writers, and academics as they use artefacts drawn from the extensive Petrie Museum collection to discuss concepts of desire, both ancient and modern.
£5 book via Eventbrite
Venue: Petrie Museum
Friday 26th February
7.30pm – 9.00pm
Twilight People and the Jewish Gay and Lesbian Group: LGBTQ Interfaith Service
The Progressive Jewish community invites you to an interfaith Shabbat celebration on the occasion of The Twilight People touring exhibition launch. The service is lead by LGBTQ rabbis and Muslim and Christian friends. Allies welcome.
Find out more and check out our ‘hidden history’ schedule of events:
Free (£5 donation recommended)
Must be reserved
Venue: Central London venue (near Warren St) Exact address on RSVP
Saturday 27th February
7.00pm ‘til late
One Night in Heaven
Book your tickets for an early preview of the afterlife hosted by our very own Sandra. Staring Andy Bell, lead singer of legendary band Erasure and the iconic Lana Pillay, star of C4’s The Comic Strip Presents & Eat the Rich. With special guests The Family Fierce, Rosie Wilby and a choral treat you can’t miss. With DJs, bar and raffle. Dress code: Angelic and Ethereal.
FREE Book at or Call 020 7388 5720
Venue: Islington Assembley Hall
Sunday 28th February
10.30am – 1.30pm
Arsenal Football Club, the Football Supporters Federation and the gaygooners present:
The Come-Together Cup We are hosting a 5-a-side fun indoor tournament for 8 mixed LGBTQ and community teams. Spectators welcome, music and food available. We hope to show a brand new short movie at 1pm, and then watch Arsenal away to Manchester United on the Emirates screens at 2pm (tbc)
More details on
Venue: The Arsenal Hub – Home of Arsenal in the Community, next to the stadium, on the corner of Benwell and Queensland Roads
Monday 29th February
9.30am – 2.00pm
Community Conversation on LGBT and Mental Health – Addressing public attitudes: promoting acceptance, dignity and social inclusion
This Community Conversation in Islington will hear from experts and service users as part of a panel discussion followed by workshops that will bring individuals, practitioners, clinicians and Commissioners together to discuss mental wellbeing in LGBT communities, the impact of stigma and domestic violence as well as the barriers that people face in trying to access mental health support. The focus will be on how to make improvements in mental health provision.
The event is free but we request that people register by calling Islington Community Wellbeing Development Service – 07539 352 337 so we know how many to cater for. Tea / coffee and lunch will be provided.
Venue: Islington Town Hall
Monday 29th February
Faith In Our Community.
Part II “The Consequence Of Kisses”
A light-hearted, poetic peek at Love past and present. Hosted by LGBT Poet Laureate Trudy Howson.
With Special Guests and living interactive quiz.
This event is free
Poetry Café
Fostering in Camden and Islington
Could you make the difference to a young life? Over 1500 new foster carers are currently needed in London and we are looking for families to care for local older children and teenagers. If you live in or around the north London area, have a spare bedroom and would be interested in changing a life, contact our fostering teams today for a chat and find out when our next information sessions are.
Camden’s fostering team: Tel: 0800 0281 436
Islington’s fostering team: Tel: 0800 073 0428

The full Camden and Islington LGBT History programme: on now!

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