Hate crimes on the grounds of sexuality and gender identity are, like any other forms, unacceptable. They are also crimes which can attract severe punishment.  If you are a victim of homophobic or transphobic hate crime then get in touch with us. Perhaps you are unsure as to what action to take and need support. You may not feel comfortable reporting to the authorities. You may simply need to be put in touch with an LGBT Liaison Officer within the police. Regardless of your circumstances we can assist you with the following:

-Reporting to the police directly

-Reporting to the police through us

-Reporting to the police via us anonymously

-Assisting you if you would like support but do not want to formerly report

-Liasing with the police on your behalf

-Assisting you in any work needed as a witness in court

-Assiting you in preventing future hate crime

-Assisting you in understanding whether a crime has been committed

-Assisting you with regards to any type of harassment or abuse by neighbours, family, businesses, statutory organisations etc

If you would like to discuss anything related to hate crime/harassment then please get in touch with us via the contacts page. If you prefer you could fill in our third-party reporting form found as a link on our menu bar.


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