Why should we?

Here at the Forum, we recognise the fact that many LGBT people do not feel safe or happy reporting crimes to the Police. However, as a result large numbers of serious crimes against members of the LGBT community, including attacks, go unreported. The lack of knowledge about what is happening to us out there stops our needs from being taken seriously enough and it also stops anyone dealing with the people who do it.   In Camden, we have painstakingly built up a relationship with the local Police, the local Council and the Courts Service to ensure that LGBT victims of crime will be properly treated and helped.

Do you have information that might help someone but don’t want your name and address used?

Camden LGBT Forum has produced a method of reporting crimes so that the Police do not have to be involved. By using our Non-Police Reporting Form you can tell us about where crimes are happening or give us any details which might identify someone committing crimes against you or any other LGBT person, without disclosing your name and address.

Additionally, be assured that we deal with all clients confidentially (we will ask for you permission before contacting ANYONE) and with an understanding that comes from us all being lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans ourselves.

We will also be able to put you in touch with organisations that may be able to give you further support.

Report an LGBT hate crime or incident online now
Click here for our secure non-police reporting form

The easiest way to report a homophobic or transphobic crime without the need to involve the Police is to use our secure online form.

Alternatively you can send a form to our address either by downloading a printable version below or by asking us to send you a paper copy. Just send us your address – details here.

Download the Non-Police Reporting Form

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