We’ve been involved in LGBT History Months since 2006 and the programme we run jointly with Islington is now the largest LGBT History Month in the country. Take a look at some of our previous History Months here:


2015 was the ninth year we’ve run a History Month and you can see our full programme here: LGBT HM 2015 Screen

HM 2015 Front Page











2014 marked the eighth LGBT history month program that we  put on as a Forum. Each year we have more and more exciting activities, talks, exhibitions and parties to add to our guide and 2014 was no exception! Like the previous three years, 2014 History Month was a join initiative with Islington Council.

Click the download button below to find out what events we ran during 2014:

LGBT HM 2014full













Here’s our full programme for 2012: LGBTHM2012












History month was outstanding: The British Museum Film day was packed, the Winterball had the biggest turn out ever seen at the Assembly Halls in Islington and over 150 people turned up on the opening night of the LGBT art exhibition Loudest Whispers.




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