Josephine Baker, March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, August 1963

 “I have walked into the palaces of kings and queens and into the houses of presidents. And much more. But I could not walk into a hotel in America and get a cup of coffee, and that made me mad. And when I get mad, you know that I open my big mouth. And then look out, ’cause when Josephine opens her mouth, they hear it all over the world. .?.?.” 

Do you want to speak publically but don’t know how?

Does public speaking fill you with fear?

Do you have a particular presentation you need to practice?

Do you want to an LGBT wizkid in a certain topic?

If ‘yes’ to any of these questions……


 ……….The Camden Queer Oratory Laboratory (Q- Lab) could be just for you!


What is The Q – Lab?

The Q – Lab is a speaker’s bureau is a new initiative of the Camden Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Forum. It is aimed at developing the public speaking skills of LGBT people and allies who live work or study in Camden. The Q- Lab is welcoming and a supportive space that offers all the opportunity for :

  • regular public speaking practise
  • learning a variety of speaking techniques
  • Increase knowledge and interests in Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trangender and Queer concerns.
  • A chance to develop expertise in a chosen subject and put those skills and areas of expertise into practice through speaking practice and real speaking engagements on behalf of the Q – Lab.
  • An opportunity for participants  to take part in structured  speakers training

        How can I join the Q-Lab?

Download and complete an application form that can be downloaded from visiting the Q-Lab page on   . You will then be invited to a short interview to ensure suitability .


        Q-Lab Meets

If you are LGBTQ or allied, why not come along to our tasters toasters where we   discuss a particular LGBTQ theme and practice our public speaking.  Feel free to download our information handouts about the Q- Lab from the Camden LGBT Forum website at Come and listen to LGBTQ organisational professionals talk about their experience of working in their various fields.  Check this webpage for updates.

Pick a subject

Some meetings will ‘pick a subject’. This part of the meeting see members and guests practice impromptu speaking by answering questions prepared in advance by the speakers bureau coordinator. Responses will then be evaluated by Q-Lab Toasters.

Prepared Speeches: In this section, participants of the Q- Lab practice their public speaking skills by giving a prepared presentation. Subjects should be relevant to LGBT communities and may adhere to the LGBT calendar (see attached).

Evaluation of speakers:

Evaluations of speakers engage the audience in the crucial art of listening. Members will give evaluation of their speeches. These evaluations give valuable feedback of how the evaluators received the presentations and will highlight the positive aspects of the speech as well as areas of improvement.

Speakers Training

Q- Lab Participants will be supported through by completing a structured speakers training course delivered by the Speaker’s Trust. This training is free! Upcoming training: New Speaker Training April 6 2013 PLEASE BOOK.

Employers, Community Groups do you want to work with the Speaker’s Bureau? 

The Q- Lab provides organisations such as colleges, universities, NHS Trusts, local authorities, colleges, public and private housing corporations and opportunity to sponsor LGBT themed diversity discussions that aim to educate staff, students and membership about current issues affecting the LGBT community.

Q-Lab Bank of Speakers

The Q – Lab is developing a bank of speakers who are trained to speak about their personal experiences and are able to facilitate workshop activity encouraging public service personnel on best practice and how to engage LGBTQ communities in their activity and service delivery.

If your organisation would like to address LGBT issues, then invite the Q – Lab speaker by emailing the Q –Lab coordinator

Please Include:

  1. Your program idea (e.g. being LGBTQ residents employees in the workplace . LGBTQ in the community, coming out in the workplace,
  2. Potential date(s), location, and time.
  3. How many bureau  speakers would be required

What are Some Possible Discussions?

Coming out experiences, LGBTQ portrayals in the media, being transgender, having dual identities, adoption, marriage….. Or any other topics pertinent for your audience

LGBTQ youth, Black Minority Ethnic (BME, transgender genderqueer, disabled people, and women strongly encouraged to apply). 


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